Ready to face the new challenges of the F&B sector!

Do you have an innovative idea to carry the F&B sector through these testing times?

Here’s another chance for you to develop your ideas into the next F&B product that will shape the future of the lucrative F&B industry.

Register for the F&B Innovation Lab for the opportunity to be connected with the UAE’s leading F&B manufacturers and kick-start your F&B product creation and development.

Great leadership

An opportunity for the new generation to excel –
Where the ideas and enthusiasm of the younger generation are supported by the expertise and experience of the industry – a win-win solution.

– Saleh Lootah, UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group

Come together to shape the future of the F&B sector in UAE! We stress on the innovators of your commitment to the F&B sector and Innovation Lab while we appreciate a demonstration of adaptability. We encourage you to maintain the belief in yourself and dedicate all efforts to pushing the boundaries of the F&B sector.

– Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

F&B Innovation Lab aims to encourage and foster innovative new F&B products with the potential to reach international markets. The lab envisions to develop and promote Emiratis, with a successful product-market fit, who decide to pursue commercialization of their products. Partnering with key local F&B manufacturers to champion, mentor and support Emiratis for the commercialization of their products and to create the early foundations for ideation, innovation and an ecosystem for Emirati talent in the F&B sector.

Our Program Partners are the primary driving force of various innovation initiatives that have contributed significantly to the local ecosystem. Khalifa Fund and Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) envision to shape the future of Emiratis, develop and market their products locally and globally by establishing an authentic Emirati brand and to protect the interests of F&B manufactures and resolve industry-related challenges.


F&B Innovation Lab is to Inspire Emiratis to come with new F&B Product Ideas products with the potential to reach international markets. The main objectives of the F&B Innovation Lab are

Developing local talent for the F&B ecosystem.

Initiating new product launches that are UAE relevant, with a local flavour.

Engaging Emirati F&B product developers with the F&B manufacturing sector.


It’s very important to do these programs because we get a chance to learn about the industry faster than just being in a university. We get to meet industry leaders and also like-minded students. Also, we have big respect for our mentors. They have put in a lot of effort, especially in teaching us from the scratch and explaining how to potentially build our ideas looking ahead

Bisher Zumot

F&B Innovation Lab Incubate

The remarkable aspect about the Bootcamp was that it was designed in a manner suitable for both professionals and even university students. We had the chance to learn about the latest strengths challenges in the F&B industry. By the end of the Bootcamp, we were able to develop our own consumer-benefit ladder and product models.

Shaikha Farousha

F&B Innovation Lab Incubate

Passion was the driving force for joining the F&B Innovation Lab Bootcamp. During the training sessions, we worked closely with professionals in the food and beverage sector where they mentored us in converting our passion into business concepts that would serve the UAE F&B sector.

Rashed Alfalasi

F&B Innovation Lab Incubate

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To enquire about any queries and to know more about the FnB Innovation Lab program, visit our virtual office.


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