Innovation Lab Cycle 1.0, at a glance

Innovation Lab Cycle 1.0, at a glance

Disrupting the
confectionary sector

Disruption and Innovation in the healthy snacking space or healthy foods space
BMB Logo

Baklawa Made Better (BMB)

Importance and benefits of fats

To increase awareness among UAE residents about importance and benefits of fats


Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (ADVOC)

Innovate Locally

Create innovative products that add value to locally grown produce through given features

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Essa Alghurair Investment LLC

Convenience in day to day life

To create convenience in people/ client’s day to day life with the aim of making cooking easier

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BRF Sadia

New flavors
for instant pasta

To create new flavors for the instant pasta industry and innovative ideas for increasing pasta consumption

Emirates Macaroni Factory

Localize popular international snacks

How do you localize popular international snacks such as Potato chips or create locally inspired snacks for the local and international market?


Ready-mix Arabic Desserts

To create a group of ready mix Arabic Desserts (DIY) that can be easily converted from a dry mix

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Emirates Grains Products Co. IFFCO Sector

Discover new flavors or products with Arabic lineage

To discover new flavours or products with Arabic lineage on NFI’s current portfolio of brands and products

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National Food Industries

Innovate chicken-based products- key emerging trends

To innovate chicken-based products, tapping into key trends emerging in the region such as easier cooking, healthier food, dining out experience and local flavours

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Global Food Industries

Solutions for the right package and consumer convenience

To innovate and develop solutions for the right package, attractive price and convenience in delivery

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Develop new food procedures

To develop new Al Islami Foods procedures to carry out high quality and representative sensorics

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Al Islami Foods

Resolve challenges in waste management

To resolve challenges in waste management through efficient solutions and reusable plastic

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